Will NOT Razle Dazzle You
Find something you believe in and dedicate yourself to it. -SJB
I am inspired by those who give of themselves hoping to create a better world. I have always found that when it’s being reported that “things” are at their darkest, you turn to find a loving gesture, a giving hand, a motivated spirit, an unexpected and generous act. People are good at heart. When I pay attention and recognize that truth… I am inspired.
—Stephanie J. Block [x] (via raminkloo)
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I think this photo says it all.

Stephanie J. Block belting the roof off of Carnegie Hall with the NY Pops on March 21, 2014 (x)

justwearthefrockitspretty wondered,
The red dress Steph is wearing in some of the photos from Carnegie Hall... Is that the dress she wore to the Emmys or am I imagining things?

Yes it is! You can see the peplum on the sides ;)



In Rehearsal with the NY Pops and Stephanie J. Block

@StephanieJBlock: Happy. Relieved. Exhilarated. And yes… #blessed